Do you want to make a gift but you don’t know which alikebikini is the best option?

Choose an Alikebikini Gift Card! GIFT CARDs

We propose vouchers for a unique gift.
The lucky recipient will choose the bikini she likes more.

Choosing Alikebikini gift card, Alikebikini rewards you twice! We send to you “Iwishu” , a precious card to complete your gift with a personalized vídeo message and a 10% coupon on the next purchase!

The gift card will be sent to the provided email address, so we can send the gift card to you or the recipient.

For using a gift card you have to insert its number in the payment page.

Validation gifts card are not refundable and can be used on Gift cards have  12 months from their emission.

If the total purchase is less than the gift card amount, Alikebikini will send a special gift card reporting the value difference, that you can use in the next purchase.

Shipping fees are included from the 100,00 euro voucher.